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The Latest: US Navy confirms Mediterranean rescue operation

Jun 12, 2018

The Latest: US Navy confirms Mediterranean rescue operation; 40 people given care on ship

Italy's new leaders get tough on migrants; Spain steps up

Jun 11, 2018

Italy's new "Italians first" government is claiming victory after the Spanish prime minister offered safe harbor to a private rescue ship carrying 629 migrant passengers that both Italy and Malta refused to grant permission to enter their ports

The Latest: Italy: Today is turning point in EU migration

Jun 11, 2018

The leader of Italy's 5-Star Movement says the government's refusal to let a migrant ship dock _ and Spain's offer to take it instead _ marks a turning point in Europe's long migrant crisis

Migrants are saved, but stranded at sea by Italian politics

Jun 10, 2018

A private rescue ship carrying 629 migrants remains at sea after more than a day of not receiving permission to dock in either Italy or the small Mediterranean island nation of Malta

EU nations split over asylum; 112 migrants die in shipwreck

Jun 5, 2018

European Union countries remained deeply divided Tuesday over how to reform EU rules for managing the influx of refugees and migrants, as U.N. agencies reported an estimated 112 people died over the weekend when a smuggler's boat sank

Italy mayor halts school lunch after suspect food poisoning

Jun 4, 2018

The mayor of the Adriatic city of Pescara has suspended the public school lunch service as a precaution after some 80 children and half a dozen teachers were treated at hospital emergency rooms over the weekend for intestinal cramps, diarrhea and vomiting

Hungary: Aid groups ask government to drop anti-migrant bill

Jun 4, 2018

Hungarian civic groups are asking the government to drop its draft bill seeking to criminalize their work with asylum-seekers and refugees

Populists campaign in Sicily after forming Italy government

Jun 3, 2018

Two days after taking office, the pillars of Italy's first populist government were already campaigning

Danes seek to limit male circumcision to those 18 and over

Jun 2, 2018

A Danish group says a citizens' initiative seeking to set a minimum age of 18 for non-medical male circumcision in Denmark has gathered the required 50,000 signatures to send the proposal to Parliament for debate this year

Hungarian govt looks to Constitution to keep immigrants out

May 29, 2018

The Hungarian government has proposed constitutional amendments and a new law to prevent Hungary "from becoming an immigrant country" by further tightening its policies on accepting refugees and asylum-seekers

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