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The Latest: Italy minister vows tough line on migrants

Jul 10, 2018

Italy's hard-line, anti-migrant interior minister has toured a crime-laden migrant shantytown in the southern Calabria region and vowed to enforce only "limited, controlled and qualified" immigration

UN: June saw "exceptional" rate of deaths in sea off Libya

Jul 6, 2018

UN refugee agency officials are decrying a dramatically high death rate for migrants last month who set out in traffickers' boats from Libya

EU moves on migrant plans, while 100 reported missing at sea

Jun 29, 2018

EU leaders draw up new plans to screen migrants in North Africa for eligibility to enter Europe, claiming to have set aside major differences over how to stem the flow of those seeking better lives

Italian minister emboldened by Libya visit, migration curbs

Jun 25, 2018

Italy's populist interior minister has returned from a quick trip to Libya expressing confidence in his decision to close Italian ports to migrants

The Latest: No decisions at 'frank and open' migration talks

Jun 24, 2018

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez says emergency talks European leaders held on migration didn't yield any decisions but that the participants agreed they need to work together on the politically fraught issue

Mini-migration summit: EU nations try to resolve differences

Jun 24, 2018

The leaders of Germany, France and about a dozen other European Union nations are converging on Brussels for an afternoon of informal talks on differences over migrant ahead of a full EU summit that starts next Thursday

Italy vows to expel far more migrants, but it won't be easy

Jun 22, 2018

After blocking rescue boats from bringing more asylum-seekers to Italy, the nation's new leaders are vowing to expel many more migrants already here

The Latest: 4 Eastern Europe nations to skip migrant meeting

Jun 21, 2018

The Latest: 4 Eastern European nations to skip weekend emergency meeting on migration

EU countries prepare mini-summit as migration row festers

Jun 20, 2018

Leaders from a group of EU countries, led by Germany and France, will meet Sunday to thrash out possible solutions to a divisive row over migrants

The Latest: Hungary asked to delay vote on 'Stop Soros' bill

Jun 18, 2018

Experts within the Council of Europe are asking Hungarian lawmakers to delay passage of a bill that would penalize people who assist refugees with up to a year in prison

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