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EU wants to exclude agriculture from trade talks with US

The European Union is insisting that agriculture be kept out of the EU-U.S. trade negotiations, despite Washington's wishes to include the vast sector.

Jan 18, 2019

Italian govt aids bank despite 5-Star anti-bailout rhetoric

Italy's populist government has stepped in to help guarantee struggling Banca Carige SpA, bending to pressure despite the ruling 5-Star Movement's longtime anti-bank bailout rhetoric

Jan 8, 2019

Italy's contentious budget wins government's confidence vote

The lower chamber of the Italian Parliament has approved a 2019 national budget that includes funding to realize campaign promises made by leaders of Italy's populist government

Dec 29, 2018

Italy's premier insists budget deal not dictated by EU

Italy's premier denies that the new budget was dictated by the European Commission, saying that he held firm on key points like the basic income and the rollbacks in an unpopular pension reform

Dec 28, 2018

Italian govt criticized for hasty moves to pass budget

The Italian Senate speaker delayed a vote on a new budget draft until the middle of the night Saturday to give lawmakers time to examine the nearly 200-page updated text received for the first time...

Dec 22, 2018

EU reaches deal with Italy on budget

The European Commission says it has reached an agreement with Italy to avert action over the country's budget plans, which the EU's executive arm had warned could break euro currency rules

Dec 19, 2018