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EU imports of US soybeans were rising before deal with Trump

The European Union says imports of U.S. soybeans were rising substantially before a top EU official met President Donald Trump last week

Aug 1, 2018

AP PHOTOS: High-rises remake the skyline of city in Cyprus

AP PHOTOS: High-rise construction boom transforms Limassol's skyline, signals Cyprus' emergence from a deep financial crisis

Jul 27, 2018

EU preparing to hit back if US puts tariffs on car imports

The European Union's trade chief says that the bloc is already preparing a list of "rebalancing measures" in case U.S. President Donald Trump would impose tariffs on imported cars and auto parts

Jul 19, 2018

EU tries to limit influx of steel diverted by US tariffs

The European Union has announced measures to shield its market from a glut of steel imports heading to the continent following the imposition of U.S. tariffs

Jul 18, 2018

EU, US relations sinking further after divisive Trump tour

After a week of the worst barrage of insults yet from U.S. President Donald Trump, the European Union is looking westward toward the White House less and less

Jul 17, 2018

Britain's May wins parliament vote after bowing to Brexit pressure

US-BRITAIN-EU:Britain's May wins parliament vote after bowing to Brexit pressure

Jul 17, 2018