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Singapore, Oct 17, 2020 ( - Parallel Character is a bridge connecting virtual and real-life, digital and real economy. It integrates the main four features of Tokenomic System, Digital Ecosystem, V & R and Online & Offline, and blended the issuance, circulation, transaction of commodity token and life services, shopping & leisure, entertainment, and consumption & financing.

Parallel Charactercombines the digital service needs of users to provide opportunities for creating wealth, and builds a brand-new digital interactive service platform for users.Parallel Character, a digital interactive service platform, is bound to usher in a new era by riding on the fast lane of blockchain.

Parallel Characterversion 1.2.0 was launched vigorously across the whole network on Oct. 20, which will bring more groundbreaking technological innovation!

The member system of version 1.2.0 has been upgraded, and the conditions for member upgrade are clear at a glance, and the friend invitation system has also been upgraded, it will be easier to invite friends; multiple "professional roles" debuted glaringly, the choice for professional images will be more diversified; the "real name authentication" function was newly added, and the operation will be more secure; the "mini map" function has been launched, which can make you reach the destination instantly; and the "main scene" interface debuted amazingly and it will improve user experience. In addition, the visual effect of version 1.2.0 has been upgraded comprehensively, to provide users with a more striking visual feast!

The innovative mode ofParallel Characterwill surely attract numerous users, which will strongly ignite a new round of tokenomic trend. The launch of version 1.2.0 will provide better service for users with a better platform!

The friend invitation system ofParallel Characterwill make you reap continuous benefits, and the membership system will make you expand multidimensional revenue channel. JoinParallel Character, to start a new era of sharing economy and cooperate for a bright future!

Hurry up, downloadParallel Characterand register as a member!

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