Trade Policy

EU trade chief says Merkel, Macron will push Trump on steel

Apr 23, 2018

The EU says that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron will press Trump to exempt the bloc from planned U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs when they visit him this week.

Sweeping EU trade deal with Mexico seen as signal to US

Apr 23, 2018

The European Union says a sweeping new trade deal with Mexico is a signal to the rest of the world _ including the Trump administration

Belgium probing if chemical was illegally exported to Syria

Apr 18, 2018

Belgian authorities are investigating whether three companies might have been involved in the illegal export of chemicals to Syria

EU says US tariffs are 'distorting' global trade flows

Apr 18, 2018

The EU's trade chief says that new U.S. steel and aluminum tariffs are distorting global trade and could hurt economic growth.

The Latest: Macron says US tariff tactics 'not satisfactory'

Mar 23, 2018

French President Emmanuel Macron says that the short temporary exemption for the European Union from U.S. import tariffs on steel and aluminum "is not considered satisfactory."

EU deplore US tactics in negotiating tariffs

Mar 23, 2018

The European Union leaders say that they want the temporary exemption to U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum the tariffs "to be made permanent."

Britain's EU partners agree terms for post-Brexit ties

Mar 23, 2018

EU Council President Donald Tusk says the European Union has agreed on a roadmap for its future relations and trade links with Britain after Brexit next year

US-Europe trade war likely averted, for now

Mar 22, 2018

EU leaders gave a cautious welcome Thursday to news that the 28-nation bloc could be exempt from President Donald Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs, relieved that a costly trade war might yet be avoided

The Latest: Austria welcomes US exemption on tariffs

Mar 22, 2018

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has welcomed what he saw as a European Union exemption from the U.S. threat to impose steel and aluminum import tariffs

Germany doubts EU will be exempt from Trump steel tariffs

Mar 20, 2018

Germany expressed doubt on Tuesday about whether the European Union will be exempt from U.S. President Donald Trump's potentially damaging steel and aluminum tariffs, as the bloc's top trade official headed to Washington for last-ditch talks

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