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Italian court mulls fate of 6 accused of migrant trafficking

Jul 12, 2019

A court in Sicily is deliberating the fate of six alleged migrant smugglers, including an Eritrean man who claims his is a case of mistaken ID

UN food aid agency steps up relief for Congo refugees

Jul 2, 2019

The U.N. food aid agency is stepping up its relief operation to help people displaced by conflict in Congo

Pope in Bulgaria says refugees need love; Orthodox stay away

May 6, 2019

Pope Francis told refugees Monday in Bulgaria's showcase refugee center that they are bearing the "cross of humanity," as he pressed his call for the migrant-skeptic Balkan country to welcome poor and desperate foreigners with love and not disdain

The Latest: Orthodox reps not at pope's multi-faith event

May 6, 2019

Pope Francis is presiding over a peace meeting in Bulgaria with members of the Balkan country's different faith communities and a children's choir singing "We Are the World."

Pope urges migrant-skeptic Bulgarians to open hearts, homes

May 5, 2019

Pope Francis has urged Bulgarians to open their hearts and homes to migrants, arguing that a country like Bulgaria that is losing its population to emigration should well understand the forces that drive people to leave their native lands

The Latest: Traveling pope urges 'revolution of charity'

May 5, 2019

Pope Francis called for a "revolution of charity" based on God's love while celebrating his first Mass in the majority Orthodox nation of Bulgaria

146 migrants land in Italy in UN-organized Libya evacuation

Apr 29, 2019

A group of 146 asylum-seekers have arrived in Italy as part of a humanitarian evacuation from Libya

The Latest: France says some aid groups help smugglers

Apr 5, 2019

France's interior minister says some aid groups operating in the Mediterranean Sea sometimes act like accomplices to human traffickers

Rome moves Roma families from housing project after protests

Apr 4, 2019

Rome city authorities have begun moving several Roma families out of a public housing project in a Rome suburb after violent protests by neo-fascist groups threatened their security

Cyprus arrests Turkish Kurd terror suspect wanted by Germany

Mar 23, 2019

Cyprus' government spokesman says authorities have arrested a Turkish Kurd political refugee that Germany has launched criminal proceedings for "terrorist activities."

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