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In shift away from austerity, euro countries pick new leader

Dec 4, 2017

Portuguese Finance Minister Mario Centeno has won the race to become the top official of the 19-country eurozone, the body which has been at the forefront of the single currency bloc's crisis-fighting efforts in the past few years.

European cities battle fiercely for top agencies leaving UK

Nov 19, 2017

Brexit is still well over a year away but two cities on Monday will already be celebrating Britain's departure from the European Union

Lithuanian mayor invites Bono to visit shopping mall

Nov 16, 2017

A mayor in northeastern Lithuania has invited U2 frontman Bono to visit the shopping mall in Lithuania which he allegedly owns parts via low-tax Malta according to recently leaked corporate documents

EU lawmakers want Malta monitored following reporter's death

Nov 15, 2017

European Union lawmakers are calling for a system to monitor Malta's handling of corruption and money-laundering in the wake of a car-bomb attack that killed a prominent Maltese journalist

EU tax chief wants quick breakthrough on tax haven blacklist

Nov 14, 2017

The European Union's chief taxation official says that he wants a blacklist of uncooperative tax havens before the end of the year

EU hopes leaks lead to Europe-wide deal against tax havens

Nov 7, 2017

EU finance chiefs are working on a blacklist of uncooperative tax havens amid growing public concern about widespread tax dodging by multinationals and the world's wealthy

No sweat, no sport: EU says bridge card game is not a sport

Oct 26, 2017

The European Union's top court has ruled that when it comes to taxes, the game of bridge isn't a sport

"What could help me to die?" Doctors clash over euthanasia

Oct 26, 2017

"What could help me to die?" Doctors clash over when and how to approve euthanasia for the mentally ill.

Czech leader to ask election winner Babis to form government

Oct 24, 2017

Czech president to ask billionaire and election winner Babis to form new government

French-led EU push for heftier tax on internet giants stalls

Oct 20, 2017

France's drive to force internet giants to pay more taxes is losing steam, amid resistance from other EU countries that offer tax shelter to companies like Apple

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