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Opposition warns Italians of future costs from 2019 budget

Dec 30, 2018

Italy's opposition parties are warning Italians they'll pay eventually for the populist government's 2019 budget

Italy's contentious budget wins government's confidence vote

Dec 29, 2018

The lower chamber of the Italian Parliament has approved a 2019 national budget that includes funding to realize campaign promises made by leaders of Italy's populist government

Kosovo to tax international branded goods made in Serbia

Dec 28, 2018

Kosovo government has extended the 100 percent tariff to all international brand goods which are produced in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Italy's premier insists budget deal not dictated by EU

Dec 28, 2018

Italy's premier denies that the new budget was dictated by the European Commission, saying that he held firm on key points like the basic income and the rollbacks in an unpopular pension reform

4 media organizations ask Albania to drop online media laws

Dec 26, 2018

Four international media organizations have called on the Albanian government to drop two draft laws on state regulation and compulsory registration of online media to fight fake news

Digitally enhanced: Estonia plots the end of bureaucracy

Dec 26, 2018

The Baltic nation of Estonia is engaged in the most ambitious project in governance in today's world, creating a totally digital government designed to reduce bureaucracy, increase transparency and boost economic growth

Cyprus banks challenging money laundering associations

Dec 24, 2018

The chief of the Cyprus Association of Banks says the fact that Cypriot lenders have adopted some of the toughest anti-money laundering regulations in the world has not been fully recognized abroad.

Italian Senate OKs budget, tweaked to satisfy EU concerns

Dec 23, 2018

After a raucous session, the Italian Senate has approved a budget law tweaked to satisfy EU concerns

Italian govt criticized for hasty moves to pass budget

Dec 22, 2018

The Italian Senate speaker delayed a vote on a new budget draft until the middle of the night Saturday to give lawmakers time to examine the nearly 200-page updated text received for the first time in the early afternoon

Protesters in Hungary reject Orban's nationalist government

Dec 21, 2018

Thousands of people are taking part in anti-government protests in Budapest sparked by labor reforms but also rooted in discontent with the government's limits on academic freedom, corruption and other issues

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